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Hotels in Shijiazhuang
The city of Shijiazhuang is filled with grand historical relics as well as charming natural beauty.
Anji Bridge (Zhaozhou Bridge):Another provincial-level historical and cultural attraction is Zhao County, which boasts the famous Zhaozhou Bridge. This 1400 year-old stone bridge is located 45 kilometers (28 miles) southeast of the urban area of Shijiazhuang. It is quite an outstanding work in the history of China, and even world, bridge construction.
Xibaipo Village is a small village in Pingshan County, which got the name Xibaipo, literally a slope with cypresses, from verdant cypresses on a hillside behind the village. It once served as the headquaters of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, Central Working Committee and Chinese People’s Liberation Army. 80 kilometers (49.7 miles) west of the downtown area, it echoes the splendid history of China's revolutionary movement. The residences and relics here enable visitors to get in touch with this aspect of China's history.
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